Ladies! Today i have brought in an inspiring assemblage of look stylish in warm to hot weather. I can spot someone with similar fashion sense to me a mile off. i have learned in fashion to be a little savage. “ugh! It’s so hot outside!” The thought of even dressing up is nearly impossible. How could you even have the urge to move when you’re already sweating like crazy when you’re just sat down and on your phone? It’s been hot before and it might get hotter soon. With temperature climbing to an intolerable boiling point, we’ve rustled up a couple of outfit ideas to wear that will make you look stylish in this hundred-degree weather. If your evening dress is a stark stunner (or has a lot of embellishment), one single showstopping accessory, like grace kelly’s earrings, is all you need. Enjoy your beauty and do admire that of others. Take it away. Cheers!

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