Today i am bringing forth another awesome post of outerwear trends to try out this winter. When i was little, my parents really only wanted me to be a scientist or a doctor; they had never even heard of law school. I think even these days if you were to tell your mother you want to be a fashion designer, or an artist or a writer, a lot of asian parents would be alarmed because they don’t think that’s a secure career. don’t try to dress like me or wear your hair like mine. Find your own style. Is it just me or do people tend to lose focus on during winter? Some would even think “it’s going to be extremely cold outside, so i’ll just bundle myself in everything. Why even bother?”
Don’t worry. This article is all about that – keeping comfortable while looking fabulous. Get excited because your winter wardrobe is going to have a major style update. I fall into that nebulous, quote-unquote, normal american woman size that legions of fashion stylists detest. For the record, i’m a size 8 – this week, anyway. Many stylists hate that size because i think to them, it shows that i lack the discipline to be an ascetic; or the confident, sassy abandon to be a total fatty hedonist. Hopefully you will enjoy these make up looks and ideas and apply them as well. Take it away!

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