Today I am coming along with a beautiful and inspiring post of Blumarine Spring/Summer 2016 Collection – Milan Fashion Week! With an eclectic line-up that seems to be inspired by Persephone, one of Zeus’ many daughters and the lovely wife Hades, the Blumarine spring/summer 2016 collection takes its duty seriously. Like Persephone herself, the Blumarine woman is ready to spend six cold months in the underworld before re-emerging full of life in our beloved sunny weather.
      For some women, a matching bra and panty set with a sheer robe is the perfect choice, while for others, a lacy gown or a babydoll is what makes them feel comfortable. There is no right or wrong just be sure to find lingerie that fits properly and accentuates your favorite features while minimizing the features youТre not as confident about. Be charismatic and never let go yourself unnoticed! Have a rejoicing and fashionholic spring ahead. Way to go!